lunes, 9 de abril de 2012


What can you see there?
asked the voice behind my voice.
Is it Light, is it Darkness?
Come hither, it said beckoning to me
Come nearer, the voice was heard twice,
alluring, enticing, staring into my eyes.
A Well of Wishes, such thing it offers
A handful of dust, most likely what you’ll grab.

What did you find there?
asked the voice behind my voice.
Was it Light, was it Darkness?
I went thither, I went nearer
Nothing came of it,
a full void in my arms,
only a shadow, a faint vagueness,
a self-reflection in a dull mirror,
a seldom-ignored chance to delve
into the uncharted courses of the heart.

(A poem by Ricardo J. Gomez Tovar)